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Wolfman Studios




Static media for your website / social media / digital advertising, designs for physical media, icons & mascots, cartoon renderings of yourself or business, holiday/greeting cards


Gifs / Short video (available w/original music / voice over narration) for social media, website, ads, livestreams, etc

Original Music & Voice Over Narration

Audio for ads, sales, instruction/info videos, website intro, etc
20 sec - 2 min (looped / unlooped)



Illustration & Animation


Original Music

Wolfman Studios Mix (6 tracks)

Voice Over Narration

Clip from "Renaming Files & Folders"

Clip from "At Home Computer Tutor Intro Video"
(w/music by Wolfman Studios)

Media Handling & Info

- Pre-work outline/timeline agreed upon by both parties

- Buy by the file, or mix and match to create a personalized package

- Full size uncompresed file & 1-3 presized files for direct uploading to social media, website, email etc

- Shared via Google Drive in a .zip folder with .txt site specific upload instructions (when available)

About the Team

Wolfman Studios is the design team behind the Wolfman Museum of Art, a virtual public space created in 2017, home to internet archives, digital libraries, art exhibitions and multimedia educational tools. The team in comprised of brothers Robert and Peter Hopkins and is based in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY.


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