Lonofi – Ambient Sound Mixer

Lonofi – Ambient Sound Mixer

Museum Original Mixes – Forest Rain NightCricketsJungle Beach Night


“Thanks to simulation algorithms driven by AI, Lonofi enables you to create rich, varied, and endless sound environments. No more rigid playlists constantly looping and made of few poor quality sounds!

With Lonofi you can let your imagination run free, and create, in only a few seconds, the environment you want. Whether it be real life inspired, like Amazonian jungles, or imagined, like the central square of a medieval town.

At Lonofi, we want to put the latest findings in AI technologies at the service of creation.

We want to make everyone a creator.”

  • Lonofi About Us Page


I don’t know much about sound mixing algorithms, but I do know this website and android app have a lot of options to create ambient sound mixes and it’s fun.

For example, if you search waves, you’ll be presented with five different options from recordings from five different real beaches. Once you choose one, you’re then presented with other options where you can play with the reverberation, panning, and other timing options.

What’s also neat about the site is that the audio used is open source and credit is give to all sounds used (with links to the original sound).

You can share your mixes or can keep them private. If you choose to make them public, they’ll be able to be searched for by other users. You can also save your favorite sounds you find on others accounts (and you can lower/raise the volume of the sounds they set up).

If you’re not interested in setting up an account, you can still use the site and phone application, you just won’t be able to save any favorite sounds.

At the time of publishing, Lonofi is free and has no ads (on web or android). The site says there are eventual plans to offer premium options for a price, but it states that the features currently available for free would not be put behind a paywall if/when that happens.

Check it out here online Lonofi – Ambient Sound Mixer or search the google play store to download for android.

Museum Original Mixes – Forest Rain NightCricketsJungle Beach Night

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